Everybody realized that these new markets, these new spaces, these new ideas — there will be new spaces of things in which other things will be built — but they will depend on the basic web infrastructure being royalty-free. It’s always been like that. Every now and again, we’ve had a hiccup when somebody didn’t understand it, when somebody thought that maybe they’d try to make a quick killing by somehow getting a stranglehold on it, somehow finding a way to be able to limit your access — everybody’s access — to the web, and then they would be able to charge for it. Yeah. You can see they had a different gleam in their eyes. But rapidly, they found that really people treated them with the utmost contempt and programmed around them, went around them, and left them, having learned a lesson, and generally picking up the pieces and moving on and joining this world of openness, of open standards, of royalty-free standards.