Math was my favorite subject, I suppose, at school, but on the other hand, I was interested in this electronics. So I thought I’d do physics as being a compromise between the two. It wasn’t. It was something completely different, I realized. The philosophy of physics is different, and I think physics is pretty special. I’m glad that I did do it, but it did not prepare me. It did not turn me into a mathematician, and it did not really allow me to do electronics. It allowed me to do a lot of thinking, all sorts of interesting ways, and I realized the relationship between the microscopic and the macroscopic. The microscopic rules of behavior of atoms, and the macroscopic behavior of them and so on, is really very interesting. That difference is now crucial between the microscopic way in which two computers interact over the network and the way the whole web behaves, which we’re now calling “web science.” The difference between the microscopic and the macroscopic is still a challenging step.