In high school, there was a course in the sophomore year of high school in rhetoric. And I’m talking about rigorous rhetoric: the use of figures of speech, figura sententiae, and tropes, and all these technical names, and training in the three or four ways that you can arrange a paragraph. I don’t think any of this happens any longer. Parsing sentences, which is a fading art. These diagrams of sentences, so you find out how all the different parts fit together. This was amazingly good training. And then in college, I went to Washington and Lee in Virginia, there was a young professor — it never dawned on me ’til later that he was probably only four or five years older than me — who had come to Washington and Lee from the American Studies program at Yale. That’s where he had gotten his doctorate. And this course was so exciting that I was determined to do what he had done, which was to go to Yale in American Studies, which I did.