“Stay beginners”, well, that’s a term that I, I learned from Steve. And it was all about understanding that when you were in the business that we’re in, we get so caught up in our own lingo. We get so caught up in trying to impress the people down the hall about our engineering prowess or our design prowess that we forget about the people who we’re selling to. We forget about the, the person who just unwrapped that box and trying to understand how it works and making it so simple for them. So if you take really power — powerful technology and wrap it in a very simple and clear interface and simple ways of using it, you can empower people and make those beginners feel like they, they’ve 10X-ed their capabilities. They have superpowers now. So if you could always make it accessible to those beginners, then you can empower them, and you’re gonna — you’re gonna capture a whole huge audience of people who want those superpowers, too. You’re not just impressing the geek down the hall. And so staying beginners was making sure you wore that beginner hat each day when you came in and remembering those customers, those, those people who want to be empowered and giving them the tools they can use to succeed and feel good about it. They don’t feel frustrated. And that is when you’ve created a great product is empowering people with something they’ve never seen before and they feel like they’re geniuses.