Tony Fadell:  My wife always says, “If you want to achieve something, you have to believe it. You need to believe it to achieve it.” And Steve would believe something so passionately that — how could I say — it was educated. It was educated belief. It wasn’t just this “throw caution to the wind” belief.  But he had educated belief that we could do something. And that ability to get people convinced that this was the right way to go, that it was — yeah, scary, and it’s so unconventional — but this is the right thing. That’s what made these discoveries happen, these inventions happen, because we all worked together. He didn’t come up with all the ideas.  But he pushed us all to come together with the best ideas possible and sort and sift and put them together to make the best product. And you do have to distort reality if you want to change the reality we’re living in. And people are so locked into the everyday that they forget there could be a whole ’nother thing that they’re not seeing over here, and his job was to push us to see these other things.  He saw them before we did, and he would push us to those unknown areas and go, “Yes, it’s scary. Yes, it’s risky. But we’re going to go after it. We’re going to make it happen.” And that is as much of a skill and as important to Steve as any of his other traits, maybe the most important.