For about three months, we were trying to break this really hard problem. And we had teams of people working on it from every single angle. And after three months, we finally presented him our options. We had five different options. None of them were great. And we’re like, “Steve, here are our options that we’ve been able to come up with.” And there was a room of 20 people. And then we’d talk through each one. And we’re like, “But none of them feel quite right.” And Steve, never being a part of this for three months — he took a step back, and he goes, “Did you ever think about it this way?” Because he took a step back and changed something way up here. He changed something way up in the system. And all of a sudden, everything got solved. And we were like — we all looked around the table at each other and go, “Oh my… he just solved the problem we’ve all been working on for three months.” And we were like… you just kind of go, “Umm.” That kind of thing. So that was his talent, and allowed us — and has really instilled in me — to do the same thing, hopefully to the same level he could. But it was really inspiring to watch.