My first company, well, if you can call it a company, it was an egg route in second grade and third grade, which was getting eggs from the farmer and — you know, and delivering them and getting, you know, a, a — getting paid for it. So that was that with my brother. And then later on, I started, with another person, a company for educational software and hardware for the Apple II. So he was older. He was a senior in college or he just had — or a senior in high school or just graduated from high school. And he said, “I got this idea. I want to build this thing,” and he started. And he goes, “Would you join me?” And I — so I was the second guy, and we created this little company in his basement selling hardware and software to the Apple II and then creating software as well. And so I got to do customer support and engineering and logistics, you know, shipping things out and marketing and all these kinds of things alongside him. And I learned a lot to see inside the business. We’d even travel to trade shows and set up a booth and have our wares. And so it was an incredible learning experience as you could imagine, you know, ’cause I was doing what I loved and seeing all the other things besides engineering that it took to actually build a company.