I was gonna move to California, and I was gonna go work for a company. And they’re like, what’s the company name? And I said General Magic. They go, what? What company? I’ve never heard of it. I’m like, let me explain to you. These are the greats who created the Macintosh. Well, how do you know? It’s not successful. What you gonna do? What’s gonna happen if the company goes under? I said I don’t know. And my mom’s like, “Why can’t you just go work for some nice company like IBM or something or Microsoft?” And I was like, no, I want to go work with my heroes. I want to go and, and learn from them. I don’t know everything I need to know. And so she’s crying. My dad’s just kind of — he, he’s always saw me as kind of the person who — you know, I didn’t really listen, so I just did whatever I wanted. So he’s like, “Okay, here he goes again.” My mom’s crying, and, you know, I was teared up ’cause I was like — I always threw myself into things without — because my gut felt it.