It wasn’t rational. Some of — a lot of the decisions I made in life, they were — how can I say? I mitigated the risk by thinking about things, making sure I, I, I thought about all the angles. But there was never a case when you knew it was the right decision rationally. You had to trust your gut. It’s just like, you know, some people, like, when they get married. When they want to get engaged, they have to trust your gut. There’s nothing in the world that’s gonna tell you this is the right thing for your future. It’s not gonna be 100 percent guaranteed, signed on the bottom line. And so all of these decisions that — big decisions, forks in the road that I made in my life have come from my gut was the final nail in the coffin to say that’s the way I’m gonna go. And so when you have that emotion, and that — and then you make that decision, you have emotion afterwards. And that emotion is sometimes elation, sometimes fear, sometimes what did I get myself into? And each time when I was at that fork in the road, there was always that day afterwards going, what did I just do? And it made you lift yourself up and go, I’m gonna make this. I’m gonna make it a success. I can feel it. And that’s how, you know, I make, make decisions and figure out where to go in life.