It was a small pocket computer. So it had a small keyboard. It had a, a modem so you could — you know, a modem back then. You could do e-mail. It had a touch screen, so it was like a mini little laptop. And I was like, this is what’s gonna — people don’t want — they want a little tiny laptop that they can communicate from anywhere. And so I designed that. Nobody wanted it at General Magic, so I started — I’m like, wait a second. I’m gonna go pitch it to the partners at General Magic, and Phillips was one of them. And I went right to the CEO with the help of some other people, and I pitched ’em. And he goes — and I was 25 at the time. I had no idea what I did — I have — besides my small startup company in Ann Arbor and before. I’d never run teams or anything, and the CEO of Phillips goes, I like the idea. Let’s do it. I was like, wha-? I was like, be careful what you wish for. And literally the next day ’cause this was my gut, and I, I was like, wait a second; what did I just do?