Venki Ramakrishnan: When you’re in a race, you try not to divulge where you are, because you don’t want other groups to speed up, and that is part of the unfortunate thing.  So what I say is, competition is great for science because it makes everybody really work hard and work smart, because they have to think hard about what they’re doing, because they can’t afford to waste time on bad experiments.  Right?  So they’re really focused, working around the clock very intelligently.  So it’s great for science, because it makes science go forward very quickly.  But it’s not great for the scientist, because it’s so stressful, and it’s stressful for the young people in the lab, because they’re worried.  If they’re scooped, what happens? And so on.  But often a lot of science is like that and a lot of science isn’t.  Some science, you’re doing something that’s so far out that no one else cares, but you are interested in it. I think that’s the best kind of science to do, where you’re doing something no one else cares about but you really feel is interesting.