One of the guys in the band was a guy named Tony Brown, who also used to play with Elvis. He was a piano player, and he played with Rodney and Rosanne, and he was also an A&R guy for RCA Records in Nashville. He said, “Man, you need to start making country records!” And so he signed me to RCA in 1983, and I made my first record and not much happened. I made my second record and not much happened. I made my third record and not much happened. And then I got another chance. I moved over to MCA Records a few years later and got another opportunity. You know, I really am grateful for the years of struggle in looking back. I think at the time it was hard, because you feel like you’re beating your head against the walls, saying, “Why isn’t this working?” You know? Well, maybe if you go around the wall… you know, so I found some way to go around the wall. In hindsight, I think all those years of struggle was a humbling experience.