Vince Gill: Well, I started playing — you know, I cannot consciously remember an age where I started playing. I know that I had a very small parlor guitar that had like a lampshade cord on it, and it was broken and probably didn’t have all of its strings. I don’t remember, but I’ve seen pictures of me when I was one or two, you know, just getting around, dragging that guitar around.  So I know that I had always had one around to play on, beat on, and all that. And I played my father’s. He had two guitars, and I played them. And then he also got me, when I was very small, a tenor guitar, which only has the first four strings. So the neck is much smaller, not as wide as a six-string guitar.  So I learned to play on a tenor guitar, and tuned it like the first four strings of a regular guitar. There’s a lot of different tunings for a tenor guitar, some are much different. But I tuned it like a regular guitar and started learning the rudimentary chords from my dad, and he showed me.  But I was playing, you know, at show-and-tell stuff in grade school — second, third grade. And so I don’t have a conscious memory of when I started, but all I know is it’s all I’ve ever done, is beat on one of those things.