If you’re the guy winning the awards, you think they’re the greatest things in the world. If you’re not winning them, you think the guy winning them is not any good! You know, it’s pretty true. But I really hope and believe that in the majority of cases it’s a result of the work. It’s just a result of good work. And no different than you painting a painting and everybody looks at it and goes, “I love it!” That’s a result of good work. Fame was interesting for me in that your anonymity was gone. And that’s — be careful what you wish for. There’s an element of that that is great, and there’s an element of it that’s horrible. Just which way do you choose to react to it, you know? Because — and I think I spoke earlier about the years of struggle were a great learning curve for me, because I watched people react to success — some reacted favorably, some reacted, I thought, poorly. And I saw enough of it to go, “I know I don’t want to act like that.”