Somebody wants a picture, somebody wants an autograph, that’s no big deal. That doesn’t bother me. It never has. And you know, I didn’t want to be a recluse, I didn’t want to run from anything, I didn’t want to all of a sudden be thinking I was something that I wasn’t. And that comes from the fact that I knew I was a musician. I came at things from a musician’s perspective first. And I knew that musicians I liked, they wouldn’t act that way, so I didn’t want to. I married a woman that is the same, and that’s been a great gift, because she could care less how successful she’s been. She’s the same — always. She’s constant in that. She’s kind of oblivious to it in a beautiful way, and I try to be too. You know, we just, well okay. We did okay. Don’t jump up and down. And I’ve always felt that God blessed me with some great gifts, you know, and I can’t deny that there’s a beautiful voice and great hands and great ears that allow me to play and tell stories that people like. I get on well with people and they like these songs. They like the way I sing, and that’s not me going, “Oh, great for me,” but I realize those are God-given and they’re special. But the difference being is that doesn’t make me special, it’s only the gift that is special. And I think that’s what I see people have a hard time really differentiating, is the fact that success, or notoriety, or fame, or lots of money, or power, or any of those things unfortunately — people — it affects them in a way that they think they’re a little bit better than they were or something.