As I look back, I really feel that the records were my books, you know, and I would study the — it was back in the day when the albums were large. You could read the credits, you knew who played on things, you knew who wrote the songs, who sang on things. And I was one of those kids that loved all the information on a record. I spent years buying records of artists I’d never heard of, just because I knew the guitar player, or I knew somebody that played a certain instrument that, I said, “Well if this guy played on this record maybe there’s something good in there,” because I liked that musician.  So I felt like those records told me stories in a way that related to me more, because of — my brain was stimulated by sounds more than sights, I think. I loved listening to records and trying to emulate what I was hearing. I’m self-taught and all by ear, and just by hearing it come through the speakers.  I’d say, “How do they do that?” and just sit and practice and noodle and mess around until I made the same sounds.