The American Dream to me is, it’s a fair chance. I think that’s all anybody could ever want and anybody could ever expect. I see an awful lot of people that think they’re entitled to things. You’ve got to earn them, you know. They have to be earned. You’re not entitled to — you know. You parent a kid, and they think they’re entitled to every toy on the shelf. And you just go, I don’t think so. To me, that’s what I’d like to see. The American Dream for me would be a fair chance for everybody, not just the “haves.” You see a lot of life where most people are too hung up on the pecking order of things, and not everyone does get a fair chance. It was always my argument with my father about anything was, until there’s a level playing field, you can’t have a right answer to something. So that would be my definition of the American Dream is a fair chance for everybody.