My dad played the banjo and the guitar, and he had some friends, and they had a little band that would occasionally go play at an outdoor thing. You know, not professionally, but always just for fun. And I always got to play along, and just being around musicians was to me the neatest thing. I had garage bands, you know, where you found two or three guys in school that played. “Hey, let’s start a band!” you know, and away we went. We’d go in the garage and bash away. I still work with a kid that I grew up with since seventh grade. We started playing music together when we got in junior high school and we’re still together. He works with me and travels on the road and takes care of all my guitars. So it’s remarkable to have your oldest friend out there, going through this experience with you. I called him when I had a couple of big hits and said, “Hey, do you want to go on this ride with me?” He was like, “Yeah, sure. Why not?” He was a musician too. And that to me was — the beauty of collaborating was what I was really drawn to. I never wanted to just be me by myself with music. I liked a lot of people playing it.