It’s not always about the attention you get and the dollar bill and how many of them you get. Sometimes you make decisions that defy logic, I guess. But I made one, and years later I was invited by Mark Knopfler to join Dire Straits. And it was at a time where I was pretty broke, you know, I was really struggling. I had had a record deal for several years, but couldn’t turn that into hit records, and couldn’t turn that into a big career, and even though I was trying. And this would have been a very lucrative, very great move financially, and in a lot of ways. Musically it would have been a great move. But I said, “I can’t do it right now. I said, “I just changed record companies and I’ve invested a lot of my life in country music,” and I said, “I don’t want to bail on it, because I think I have something to offer it.” And you know, it was like, it was the golden egg being dangled in front of me, and I turned it down.  And I was lucky, because then the next record I had was this massive hit, and it completely turned my life around. So I made a decision based on my heart, and it hasn’t let me down very often.