I went and gave this talk about being loyal, what loyalty really meant and why I wouldn’t sign a loyalty oath and about the Vietnam War. And then I said — and I published the talk afterwards in The New York Review of Books — and passed the hat at the reading. I said, “This is a free reading,” and passed the hat, not for me, I said, for the war resisters who have gone to Canada. When war resisters leave, this money will go to them. So, I raised several thousand dollars for the war resisters, and the University of Buffalo was angry as could be. And Auden wrote and said that if he didn’t know me — he didn’t know me very well — he would have thought the whole thing was a publicity stunt. And I wrote — I spent two days over the letter — answering Auden with deep respect saying, you know, we completely disagree. This was a public situation which I didn’t ask for, and I had a right to make a public statement at that time and to use it, because I think we’re involved in something that is so wrong and so really shameful, and we’ve told so many lies about it that if one has a strong position, one should speak out about it.