I’m essentially a kind of self-educated person, I guess. But I think everybody is; that’s the way we really learn. In other words, you see examples and so on. But I didn’t ever go really to a formal art school, for instance, particularly a fine arts school. But I would love to have gone, I wanted to go. So in that case, it’s possible, I think, not only in America but every place, to take it on yourself. But that is a part, I think, of the American character, in terms of the frontier theory idea, where you make your own hot rod or you build your own log cabin. You know, all these instances of hands-on, willing to work, “I can make it better. I can do it differently.” So that is a part, at least for me, of what I do. I think the work for me is very American, although I love all art, from whatever country or tradition. I just think that where you live, how you live, and what you take on, mostly is this little area of America for me.