Wendy Kopp: We try to convey this on campuses now across the world, because so many young people feel so pressured to make the decision that will take them on the path to impact and greatness, and it doesn’t always lead them to make the choice to go this route.  I guess the thing I’d want to convey is that I know so many people in my generation, some who made the choice to be part of these programs and similar efforts, and others who made very different choices. And the most fulfilled, centered, grounded, happy people I know are people who made the choice to be part of an effort to actually make the world a better place.  When I think about it, the happiest people I know never left the classroom, never left the communities in which they’re working, and at some level they may not enjoy the riches that we associate with success, but on a much deeper level they lead incredibly rich and fulfilling lives. I would say, to me, the path of least regrets is to at least make a short-term commitment to say, “Let me work to make a real difference in the world.”  The worst that could happen is you decide to move into something else later, but you’ll always take with you what you’ve given and what you’ve gained through that experience.