Wendy Kopp: I think the funding community started clarifying for themselves what their priorities were going to be, and that took them away from what we were focused on. So there were many things.  But I guess what I learned through that, too, was perseverance.  In the end, perseverance does pay off.  Time and perseverance takes care of… and listening! We did listen. We were very open.  We did not, it was clear — I did not — know what I was doing. So we needed to learn a lot about how to do the program well, how to manage it effectively, how to develop a diversified and sustainable funding base, how to navigate the political challenges more effectively.  But we just embraced the learning curve. I do look back and think that the fact that we had to do that the hard way, the lessons we learned through those initial years, and through that era, were very hard-won, and are very deeply embedded in the very core of the organization in a way.