I was just obsessed with this idea, so I needed someone to sign on the bottom line and say that he was going to be my thesis adviser, and because I was so late in declaring a thesis I couldn’t get anyone to commit.  Finally someone sends me over to the chair of the sociology department — total legend, his name is Marvin Bressler — and he said, “No, you can’t write a thesis that’s proposing an advertising campaign for teachers. But if you want to propose a mandatory national service, I’ll be your advisor, because that’s my passion.”  And I said, “Sure.”  He signs, I never saw him again, turned it in four months later, and he calls me, three days after I turned it in.  I’m terrified at that point, but he loved it, it turned out.  His only question was, “How in the world do you think you’re going to raise the money to make this happen?”  But he ended up being a big supporter.