I was a teapot. I was a small teapot, short and stout, here was my handle, this was my spout. And I was like seven. It was the greatest. I was just bowing, and bowing. They had to come get me off the stage. I just kept bowing. “Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.” You know. All the other pots are gone. Born ham, that’s basically me. It’s the truth. My mom told me. I’d forgotten it. She also tells the story of my birth. I’m almost half kidding when I say, I came out and waved. My mother says that I came out head, arm, other arm, thumb in mouth, immediately. They were astounded, because generally that’s not what you do. I was born clear, you know. They just kept calling people. I was just hanging out, thumb in my mouth. Some people are just born that way. Some people are just born that way…born talker.