Willie Mays: I made a catch in Ebbets Field, off of a guy by the name of Bobby Morgan. And it was in the tenth inning, bases loaded, a ball was hit over the shortstop — on the line — over the shortstop. Now you’ve got to visualize this. Over the shortstop. I go and catch the ball in the air. I’m in the air like this, parallel. I catch the ball, I hit the fence. Ebbets Field was so short that if you run anywhere you’re going to hit a fence. So I catch the fence, knock myself out. And, the first guy that I saw — there were two guys — when I open my eyes, was Leo and Jackie. And I’m saying to myself, “Why is Jackie out here?” Jackie came to see if I caught the ball, and Leo came to see about me. So I’m saying to myself, “This guy is thinking very cool.” I’m talking about Jackie, now. He wasn’t even on the field, he was in the dugout. Now this is my thinking, he may have a different reason. That was my best catch, I think. It was off of Bobby Morgan in Ebbets Field. I caught a lot of balls bare handed, which I felt was good, but that was my best catch I think.