Willie Mays: I made a catch in Yorktown that — they had a little-bitty fence. It wasn’t a fence, it was a canvas. I jumped the fence. As I’m jumping, I catch the ball as I’m falling over. It was a canvas fence. What made it so hard — here’s the downgrade, and there was a hill that you had to go up, and you had to run up this hill and then you had to catch it over this fence. And then as I’m going up, it made it much easier for me, because as soon as I go up, I continue going up, I kept running, and then I leap. As I’m leaping, I catch the ball — a line drive — I catch it over my head and fell over the fence. That’s one. Nobody never paid no attention about it because it wasn’t a big deal. That was in the minor leagues. Who’s going to know about that?