Many people outside my own country are closer to me in spirit, and as far as I’m concerned, in blood, than many who pretend that they are leaders in my own country. Some of them, as far as I’m concerned, dropped from Mars. So I don’t have any kind of a — what you might call, basic patriotism. I lack it completely. I recognize communities. I’m very glad we spoke of communities. I recognize communities as being close to me. I’m a member of a certain community which is both internal, which happens to be located in the nation space called Nigeria, but that community also extends outside the Nigerian borders. And that community, as far as I’m concerned, is without color, without gender, without class. All those details for me are irrelevant. And they are my family, wherever they are. So Nigeria? Why should I dedicate my Nobel speech to Nigeria? Nigeria is just for me a figure of speech.