I think that fame is like a fake nobility. Like royalty used to be, where you were just born, you didn’t have to achieve anything. You were just born into a position above other people. It’s like this one passage in the Bible where God is talking to the people, and he says, “What would you rather have? Would you rather deal directly with me, or would you rather deal with a king? Now if you get a king, he is going to tax you, he is going to want to take your women.” And the people say, “Give us the king.” So it’s like that whole syndrome. Somebody has got to be famous. It doesn’t have to be merited, and in a democracy actually it’s better for those who are famous to not be famous for achievement because then if they’re just famous for no reason it gives everybody this illusion that they too can be touched by the hand of fate, and they will become famous, too.