The chart is just how many records something has sold. It’s not a statement of quality at all. Like I was saying before, economic achievement really doesn’t mean anything in music. I could go out tomorrow and win the lottery, and win $20 million, but when I sit down to the piano to write a song, or try to give logic and coherence to some music, or to peep some beauty out, or to develop in my art form, all that money is not going to help me at all. And, that is why art has been used as a barometer of history because it is incorruptible. You can’t corrupt it. The only way to achieve a level of beauty and a sophistication is through doing the work. There’s no other way. You can’t money your way into being Picasso. There just is no way. You have to have the talent, and then you have to forge that talent through years of dedication. Not through a week or a month or even with phenomenal talent, even the most talented musicians, they still have to work harder to hone their talent, to shape a sort of beauty.