I was good, man. I made A’s because I was studying because I always read all these books about the slaves, and people didn’t want the slaves to get education. Also, my mother is very educated, she’s smart. And my father, he would always talk to us like we were grown men, just in the content of his conversations. We never knew what he was talking about half the time. We’d just go, “Yeah, yeah, okay.” Like you could ask daddy just something basic, “Daddy can I have a dollar?” And he would go into like a discussion! I believed in studying just because I knew that education was a privilege. And, it wasn’t so much necessarily the information that you were studying, but just the discipline of study, to get into the habit of doing something that you don’t want to do, to receive the information, and then eventually you start to like it. I always liked to read. My mother would make sure that we read. So, I would read a lot of books, and I would do good in school mainly because I hated to do bad.