I was a lousy catcher ’til they got Bill Dickey there. Dickey worked me hard. And, I liked it, though, what he did for me. I owe everything to Bill Dickey, I really do. He made me a good catcher. How to block balls. I try to do that to some of the kids today. They’ve got their own style, some today, you know. And, now everybody tells me, “Boy, you’re so short.” I say, “Well, I make a good target. I don’t have to bend down so far. I’m in the strike zone all the time.” But Dickey, he really worked me, boy. Worked me to death, and I loved him for it. And, then it came easy. It came easy for me. Like a lot of people, I try to tell them, I know they take that crow hop now, you know, when they throw to second base, but I don’t. But see, I go into a ball. I can let you swing a bat, and I go across home plate, you won’t hit me.