I got in the Navy when I was 18 years old. And, from there they sent me to Bainbridge, Maryland, for boot camp. Then they shipped me down back to Norfolk where I started from, Little Creek down there — base down there. And, I got tired of sitting around. Then they said, “We’re looking for volunteers to go in the amphibs.” And they didn’t tell us what kind of boat, just “in the amphibs.” So, I joined in, I said, “Well, I want to join the amphibs.” There, being 18 years old. And, then they said I was on a rocket boat — 36-footer, with 12 rockets on each side, five machine guns, a twin-50 and the 330s. And only 36 feet, made out of wood and a little metal. And, when I went back — we went back to Bainbridge to do some training. And, I couldn’t write home and tell them what I was doing, because them boats weren’t out yet, for the invasion of Normandy. So, we started training there, and then we came back to Little Creek again and we started to train a little bit what we were supposed to do. It’s amazing what that little boat could do, though; that 36-footer. We could shoot out rockets. We could shoot one at a time, two at a time, or we could shoot all 24 at a time. We went in on the invasion. We were the first ones in, before the Army come in.