Yogi Berra: Well, it’s not an easy game. You got to stay at it. You really do. You know, a lot of people just think — we had guys — kids today, they’re organized today. We weren’t organized. Like you and I, you pitch to me, and I’d throw to you after. And, like I said, that cartball taught me a lot, softball. You got to keep your eye — you can’t swing hard in softball, that’s another thing. I never swung. If I swung hard, I would swing and miss a lot. And, you play with bottle caps, that ain’t gonna make you swing hard, neither. And one strike, you were out. And you had to get four hits before you get a run. And we played it day and night. We loved it.  Whatever was in season. I played a lot of soccer. I love soccer. I love to watch soccer games on TV. And back there on the Hill, we played against — soccer, we had Spanish living there, the Italians and Germans and Irish.  We played against each other. And, I used to enjoy it. That was good. That’s a good conditioning game, that soccer. It is.